As a recruitment company we are required to check and verify the identity for all staff registered with us. All documentation provided to prove an individual’s identity will be photocopied, certified and retained on file in compliance with the Data Protection Act.  Valid in date passport (if no passport in date, needs birth certificate and driving licence or verified photo)Valid Visa/Residence permit/Immigration document

What we check?

  • Right to work in the country
  • Professional registration and qualification
  • Employment history and references checks
  • Criminal record checks
  • Health assessments
  • Trainings
  • Proof of National Insurance (NI card or P45/P60)
  • Proof of Address (must be dated within the last 3 months  
  • Official letter such as utility bill, bank statement or letter from a government body.
  • Mobile phone bills are not accepted.

Do you provide 24-hour care? Yes. We can provide Candidates for any amount of time depending on your wishes and needs, ranging from short term to long term services as required.
Your requirements can initially be discussed via telephone with someone from our office, then an appointment will be made for you to receive a call or visit from one of our consultants to complete a full assessment or discuss the services of your interest.

Do I have to leave my current job? Certainly not. Our workforce is made up of people with varied availability, many of which have other jobs. What’s important to us is that you can offer some degree of continuity, so that we can ensure some familiarity between our workers and clients.

Does it matter than I am not a car driver? No, although it does help. We deliver care services to the local areas so there is a possibility of some rounds being completed on foot or by bicycle. There is also the possibility that some shifts may occur in the same place, so will only require commuting to and from one location. However, many of the care services we provide involve driving to different locations within the local area so being a car driver does give an advantage.

What if I don’t have any care experience? It is not necessary to have previous care experience to work for us. We offer training courses and mentoring experiences for all new staff until they have achieved the required level of knowledge for paid employment.